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Jan 14

Santigold – “Girls”

Dec 24

Santigold > “Girls”

Jul 12

Santigold – “The Keepers”

Apr 24

Steam Santigold's sophomore album > NPR First Listen →

Mar 30

Spank Rock ft. Santigold > “Car Song (Shabazz Palaces Remix)”

Mar 01

Santigold – “Disparate Youth”

Feb 25

Santigold talks long-awaited new album > Pitchfork →

… she describes her disappointment with mainstream music and details how Beyoncé might have gotten the idea for “Run the World (Girls).”

Feb 20

Here’s another new Santigold track, called “Disparate Youth.” The single drops tomorrow on iTunes complete with remixes from Switch and The 2 Bears.

Jan 18

JotD, 1/18/2012

Just nine more days of grad school application hell, and then I’m going to be all done bitching to you all about how busy we are “here at JotD.” If you weren’t sure what all that was about, now you know.

Nose to the grindstone!

We’re going to have to go with something new again today, as I can’ t get onto Wikipedia to easily give you fun facts like how high the song charted and who produced or covered the record and yada yada. This is yet another reason why I said previously that we must take action against this “anti-piracy” legislation. Piracy is bad, but slippery slope censorship of the Internet is far worse. We can find a better solution! [Steps off soapbox.]

Here’s Santigold with her brand-spanking new, Switch-produced, Gaga-hatin’ banger: “Big Mouth” (2012).

Download it for free at her website.

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Jan 18

Santigold – “Big Mouth”

She’s baaaaaaaaaaack! It’s part M.I.A., part Rihanna and Gwen Stefani, part Major Lazer (did they help produce? I have no idea because Wikipedia’s blacked out today!). There’s a bizarre shot taken Lady Gaga! Why? What I do know is, this is UNHINGED. Free download over at her website.

Update: Pitchfork reports that this was, indeed, produced by Major Lazer’s Switch as well as Buraka Som Sistema. The video was directed by Cody Critcheloe of SSION, who also just directed MNDR’s new video.

Jan 06
… “Dougou Badia” featuring Santigold and guitar work from YYY’s Nick Zinner. Must-listen, over at P4K. New album, Folila, is out March 27.

… “Dougou Badia” featuring Santigold and guitar work from YYY’s Nick Zinner. Must-listen, over at P4K. New album, Folila, is out March 27.

Sep 07

"Car Song" is yet another cut on Spank Rock’s upcoming Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar. This time he’s tapped Santigold to help out. Not too shabby …

Here three more tracks from the new album here and here and here.

Jul 18

JotD, 7/18/2011

If I might flash us back to a few predictions I made back in January. It seems just about time we check in on them.

Prediction 1: The album will finally collapse in 2011.
What I said:
"Sure, there will still be a handful of great albums when 2011 is said and done, but expect the next round of end-of-year lists to include more non-traditional projects than ever."
Verdict so far:
Yep. Online mixtapes, free downloads, webcasts and interactivity are in for sure. Biophilia is about as extreme as we’ve seen, but it’s only the beginning. That said, an applause to albums sales, too, which are actually up a bit thanks to the success of a few underdogs this year (Adele and Mumford & Sons in particular).

Prediction 2: Beyoncé will be back.
What I said:
"I can promise you that when the year is said and done, Beyoncé will be the Queen as usual."
Verdict so far: Four words: Who runs this motha? Stay tuned tomorrow for a full report on why, but while the sales are going to Adele, the #1 songs are being had by Katy Perry and Rihanna, and the social media war is being overrun by Gaga and her Little Monsters, everyone seems to agree that Beyoncé filling in the shoes of Biggest Star on Earth (unqualified).

Side note: Prediction 2B stated that my other girls would all make their return. This included Amy Winehouse (back to rehab), Lauryn Hill (stepping aside from music again to have her sixth child) and Gwen Stefani (endlessly in the studio working on No Doubt’s comeback album). So, I’m not sure I’ve got this right; looks like their all trying, but … not yet in 2011.

Prediction 3: More, More, More.
What I said: I was thinking all day about whether there will be more 90s music coming back (yes!) or more new sounds filling our ear (yes!). Will their be more cover jams? Throwbacks to the 60s and 70s? (Yes and yes!) What about all of the diverse collaborations we hear in 2011 (More of those, too, I imagine!). With the music world changing so much, I expect we’re going to have access to anything and everything.
Verdict so far: There’s no way to quantify this prediction, I fear. But when I read the blogs and new sites, and I sit down to choose what to share with you guys every day, I certainly feel like the spectrum of things to offer you keeps expanding. R&B’s trickling into the indie world is the best example I can think of. I haven’t sat down to really sift through all of the best Jams of 2011 yet to compare this year with the awesome 2010 we had, but it feels like I’m going to have a much broader range of music to look through than ever before, if not a superior list of songs.

Today’s Jam, which is only sorta a Slow Jam depending on how you dance to it, is a great example of just how unexpected music can sound this year. I couldn’t wait not one more minute to give it official JotD status. And don’t wait one more minute to go check out this blazin’ new Spike Jonze-directe music video for the track.

Here’s the Beastie Boys featuring Santigold with “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”; it’s what 2011 is all about (well, this plus Beyoncé, of course).

Jul 18
The Beastie Boys Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win ft. Santigold from Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys ft. Santigold – “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”

UH-MAZING. The song is one of the freshest things I’ve heard all year, and this Spike Jonze-directed video is OFF. THE. CHAIN. Pitchfork reports that an extended version of the video will post on the Beastie Boys’ site, which happens to be a Tumblr page, at 2:01 a.m. Central time later tonight.

May 17

JotD, 5/17/2011

Man, this is some of the worst jet-lag I’ve ever had. I’ve been trying to get a few things posted that I’ve had on back log, but I’m all tuckered out by about 9 p.m. (JotD’s usual bedtime is around 1-2 a.m.). So, bear with me another day or two while I get myself back on track.

Today we’re crowning a recent track; I’ve had it on heavy rotation and I think it’s time to make it an official JotD. This is Santigold and Karen O. with “Go!” (2011).