Jam of the Day

Apr 23

Future ft. Andre 3000 > “Benz Friendz (Watchutola)”

Jan 12

Must-listen > Frank Ocean ft. Outkast, “Pink Matter (Remix)”

Yes, Outkast are on a track together!

Nov 27

T.I. ft. André 3000 > “Sorry”

Feb 24

quote This year I think I’m planning to do a solo project. I don’t know when it will come out, but hopefully it’ll come out this year. As far as OutKast, I really don’t know if or when that will happen.

André 3000, in a new interview with GQ. JotD is gonna quote your own new song when I say, “Can we get a new Outkast album?”

Feb 24

Hear the 13-minute version of “DoYaThing” — right here, right now (if you thought I was done covering this, you’d be wrong!). If you didn’t already know, André repeatedly reminds you in this version that he’s the shit. And James Murphy’s touch on the song is highlighted in this version. It’s simply amazing.

Feb 24

Lyrics to André 3000’s ‘DoYaThing’ rap

In case you were wondering what those wild verses are talking about.

New word: onomatopoeia. Boom!
Quit acting like you don’t wanna be here.
Fuck around and get jumped like Lee(?)
Get glocced in the club, make ya really wanna leave me-a-lone.
Get off and gone, gone
OK, OK, OK back to the happy song
Rap ain’t nuttin’ but the art talking ish
My girl look pretty up there, right here
My plaid pants, my solid future,
Asinine ass, and a glorious cooch-er
I’m an Outkast, but you’re into me
Summer got mad cause Winter blew me
That juicy fruit, that shplooshy-shploosh
Generation X on bloop de bloop
Get duked, gotta get duked, duked
Everybody hit the floor, we through the roof - Ha!
Like a chimney, I commend me
How come it be
Some lame man, we can talk about
“Oh, he don’t rap enough”
But yeah I rap a lot and I’mma wrap it up, ho
Ye ain’ Scarface, ye ain’ Willie D, Ye ain’ Bushwick, ye ain’ killing me
Better play wit’ yo momitcha mama,
Bet you can’t stay wit’ yo momitchka mama
Keep sleeping on, I’mma rock my pajamas
In the daytime I swear, I promise
Dare a nigger say sumpin’, tear a nigga face off
How come blacks don’t play baseball?
Y’all right, know y’all replace all this fly ish.
Our state finna take off.

Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Need fresh-squeezed juice, givin’ you that tang

Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
But is ya really Slick Rick? No you Dana Dane

Bet it up, head-er up, a lava language, and the vocals volcanic
If it ain’t fix, don’t broke it, don’t panic
If it ain’t hits, it ain’t shit, it’s shit damn it
If it ain’t this, it ain’t dope, it don’t flush
If it ain’t hip, it don’t hop, well then hush
Man, they sound like,
Man, they stole yo,
Man, they look like,
Nope — it ain’t us. Ah!

Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Is ya really Slick Rick? No, you Dana Dane.

Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Do ya damn thang, do ya thang-a-thang
Need fresh-squeezed juice, giving you that tang.

Seriously. Have you downloaded this track yet? Hop to it!

Feb 23

JotD, 2/23/2012

Well, today’s Jam is a no-brainer. This is Gorillaz and James Murphy and André 3000 with the long-awaited (and totally worth it) “DoYaThing” (2012). It’s free to download and listen, and there’s going to be a video as well as 12-MINUTE extended version out soon.

Feb 23

Download 'DoYaThing' now!!! > Converse →

The short version of the highly, HIGHLY anticipated Gorillaz-James Murphy-André 3000 collaboration is now free to download over at Converse. This is the short version; a 12-minute (!!!) version is on the way, as well as a music video. Read more at Pitchfork.

Feb 22

Must-listen > Gorillaz & André 3000 & James Murphy > “DoYaThing”

It leaked one day early. Grab it for free tomorrow at Converse.com.

Feb 15

One more week until “DoYaThing” drops!!! JotD couldn’t be more excited. Here’s a preview.

Feb 14

JotD doesn’t really do Valentine’s Day, but if you’re wondering … this is the ONLY song we get down to every February the 14.

Feb 10

JotD, 2/10/2012

If you wondered to yourself, “Where are those Jammys?”, I apologize. JotD wasn’t anticipating having so much happen this week (in a good way — exciting announcement coming soon!). But, never fear, I am working on a contingency plan for our beloved awards.

Until I sort this out (tomorrow), how about a Jam?

Hot off the presses, this is Young Jeezy’s “I Do (Remix)” (2012). The original featured verses from Jay-Z and André 3000, and this remix throws Drake into the mix.

Feb 09
Gorillaz. Andre 3000. James Murphy!!! Can’t wait, Converse!

Gorillaz. Andre 3000. James Murphy!!! Can’t wait, Converse!

Nov 18

Imma let fellow Tumblr-er Audio Rehab (audio-rehab) explain this one:

NEW MUSIC: Young Jeezy featuring Andre 3000 & Jay-Z, “I Do”

Anyone remember Andre 3000’s verse called “I Do?” Well, more than a year after its first emergence the full version of the song arrives. Surprisingly though, the song belongs to Jeezy and also features Jay-Z on the microphone. This pretty much says it all, so make sure to tune in below. TM:103: Hustlerz Ambition is coming December 20.

Jeezy’s also got a new video for the a recently released T.I. collaboration called “F.A.M.E.”. It’s not as good, but check it out:

Sep 16

Lloyd ft. André 3000 & Lil Wayne – “Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)”

The only pussy left in this song is a cat filling in for André. Yep, the lyrics have been cleaned up (see the original lyric video here) so that the emerging Lloyd could capitalize on the “Forget You” craze. How do you clean up Lil Wayne, though? Answer … well, watch.