Jam of the Day

Oct 14

JotD, 10/14/2010

Well, if you haven’t heard by now, Robyn dropped her final new single of 2010. Unsurprising, it’s a dance version of “Indestructible,” the ballad that concludes Body Talk Pt. 2. The third part of her trilogy is due out next month, at which point you can rest assure I will taper my Robynmania you’ve so kindly indulged me in all year long.

The release got me thinking about a couple of things: (1) Who is our 2010 Jam artist of the year? Is it Robyn, or is that just my own personal fav that I’ve pushed upon you all. Who are the other viable candidates? (2) What about the Jams of 2010 list? The new music season is winding down quickly, and that means the end-of-year lists will be popping up sooner than we think.

So, I promised that there would be some news this week and perhaps a survey for you all to give input, I think I might also let you start to weigh in on these end-of-year issues. It will give us all a chance to check our iPods and reflect a little on this (in my humble opinion) really excellent year for music.

But, enough about all of that until tomorrow. For today, I was going through some of my favorite tracks of 2010 and this great cover by John Legend and the Roots came on. It occurred to me that, despite my love of soul music, this was one track I knew nothing about (the original, that is). So I tracked it down.


Turns out the song was originally done by James Ramsey, who weighed in at over 350 pounds. They appropriate called him Baby Huey. He and the Babysitters were up and coming in Chicago in the 60s, but unfortunately he died in his hotel room of a heart attack at age the young age of 26. Here’s the craziest part: They tried to continue on with the band with a new lead singer from Chicago — Ms. Chaka Khan — but that didn’t last very long and the band broke up.

This is Baby Huey and the Babysitters with “Hard Times” (1971). And if you didn’t check out the remake above, please do; it’s AWESOME.